Main School

In Main School lessons are planned and marked with the express aim of detecting any gaps in the children’s understanding.  We test progress weekly to flag any need for consolidation or extension work. 
Quite often children will experience "blocks" in their understanding.  In such cases, our Special Educational Needs teacher provides help in the quiet of our Education Support room.  Children must have a firm and comprehensive foundation to accelerate their future learning.
We are devoted to achieving academic excellence and all subjects are taught by specialist graduate teachers.
But our school is not only about academia as you’ll see later, we provide plenty of support for creative and sporting talents.


We’ve developed our curriculum over the years, based solidly on the four core subjects: Maths, English, Science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).  Other subjects include History, Geography, French, Latin, Religious Education, Music Drama and Art.


Our curriculum covers grammar, spelling, handwriting, comprehension and writing for all occasions. 
We strongly encourage reading from the moment a child joins our school.  All of our children including Junior 4 are regularly heard to read by their class teacher and by teaching assistants using a range of reading schemes.  Older children are introduced to our structured learning plan that helps them build technical skills and understanding.
Even at a young age, our children start to develop their speaking confidence through drama and regular class discussions. 


Key maths concepts are introduced early and are continually revisited.  Class lessons present these concepts in different formats, gradually becoming more and more complex.  We test weekly to ensure that our children understand each concept introduced.