English, Mathematics, Sciences & Computing 



English sits at the heart of our curriculum because we want all our pupils to develop a genuine excitement and enthusiasm for literature and language.  
Being able to communicate effectively, sensitively and confidently is a core life skill that can only continue to develop through the years and is never forgotten. We believe, therefore, that it is our responsibility to work alongside the children to sow the seeds and let that love of language grow.  
In our Early Years, English is taught by the children's class teacher. As the children move into our Junior classes (Years 3-6), English is taught by subject specialists who reinforce the key skills in reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar and punctuation. 
All our pupils also regularly visit our well-stocked and well-loved Library. 


Mathematics is a subject where is is vital that the core concepts are introduced and reinforced from the start.  
This is a real strength of the Montessori teaching our pupils enjoy in the Nursery, where an understanding of mathematics is developed through visual and tactile resources.  
These mathematics concepts are then developed and expanded as they children pass through our infant and junior classes.  
Their understanding is tested weekly to ensure this learning is fully embedded before moving on. This is so important in giving the children a confidence in and enjoyment of mathematics that they will take through to the next stage of their education and beyond. 


Children's natural curiosity of the world around them is encouraged and reinforced throughout their time with us. Our aim is that they leave Stratford Prep confident of their understanding of scientific knowledge and theory in areas such as materials, living things and physical processes. Junior pupils (Years 3-6) are taught in our dedicated Science Lab. 
We want our pupils to be excited about science so we encourage practical experiment and investigation. Through this, they can predict how things will behave and analyse the causes, as well as understanding how science can explain everyday phenomena. We also find every opportunity to encourage cross-curricular links across other STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 


Children use technology as a natural part of their learning. They start by using simple programs before progressing to creating text and graphics and finally take on model and process data.  
Computing begins in our Nursery, where the children learn basic mouse, keyboard and coding skills. They use Bee Bots and Cubetto to learn basic mouse, keyboard and coding skills. 
Our pupils also use computers to access information to support their learning in many of their other subjects and we use interactive whiteboards in every classroom. We also have a dedicated computing suite with a network of computers. 
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