Humanities, Languages & Religious Education 



Learning history involves both historical knowledge and enquiry skills. We introduce our pupils to this through a mix of British, European and World history, and whenever possible by linking with other subjects. 
We want our pupils to leave the school with a range of skills, an historical perspective and an ability to use their understanding of the past to see new events in context and the connection between what was and what is. 
We are privileged in the historical significance of Stratford-upon-Avon and work to develop the children's natural historical curiosity about significant events and people. By doing so, they learn to think about how the past influences the present - and by doing so foster a sense of identity, understanding their place in their community and in the wider world. 


Geography permeates the curriculum from the beginning, Children today quickly develop a depth of understanding about environmental factors threatening the wider world and it is important that we harness that knowledge and curiosity.  
In the Junior classes (Years 3-6) children are taught by a subject specialist who covers an equal balance of human, physical and environmental georgraphy. The wonderfully varied syllabus covers, among other things, rivers, volcanoes, weather and climate, sustainability and settlements. Their learning is reinforced through field activities in our grounds, including the field, trips to town and a nearby village, and a popular river study trip. 
Through these, the children develop skills such as map reading, photograph interpretation, field sketching and data collection. 


We believe that introducing a foreign language to young children increases critical thinking and creativity, not to mention an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles. 
French is introduced to our pupils in the Montessori Nursery from the age of 2. Here, as in the rest of the school, it is taught by our specialist language teacher. The children start with songs, games and stories, with topics introduced gradually and regularly reinforced. As they move to the Infant classes, (Years 1 and 2), they follow a carefully structured programme that sees them following the adventures of seven characters. 
In the Junior classes (Years 3-6), the children develop their voabulary and confidence in speaking French as well as learning the rules of grammar and spelling that encourage and allow them to read and write in French. 
Every year, we organise a French Day where all the children and staff enjoy a themed day such as life in a French school or an imaginary trip to Paris. 
While French is the language taught throughout the school, our Junior pupils are also introduced to Latin, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. 

Religious Education 

We encourage in our pupils an understanding of British Values and tolerance of all religions. Regular assemblies explore themes in way that the children can relate them to their own lives. 
Termly services are held at our local Holy Trinity Church. 
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