The Creative Arts, PSHE and Learning Support/Gifted & Talented 


Art & Design 

Our children use a wide range of media and techniques, both 2D and 3D, to develop their observational, imaginative and creative skills. We introduce them to the work of designers, artists and craftpeople to help them develop their own ideas and to understand the role of historic and contemporary visual arts. 

Design & Technology 

We aim to help children identify design and technology challenges before planning, presenting and evaluating their solutions. Through their time at the school, they complete a progressive series of tasks leading to Junior 4 (Year 6), when they develop technical design skills. 


Music is taught by a specialist music teacher and pupils are given plenty of opportunity to compose and perform their own music. All children also sign in our school concerts and services. 
Our younger pupils are introduced to the recorder and at some point most of our children join the choir or play in our orchestra. Many have individual lessons with a range of specialist teachers, learning to play instruments from violin, guitar, piano and cello to flute and tumpet. Others opt to learn singing and music theory. 


Through PHSE (Personal, Social and Health Education) we aim to promote in our pupils a health self-confidence and a clear understanding of what is needed to become informed, active and responsible members of society.  
PHSE is included in the weekly timetable and covers the many spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are a part of growing up. We work hard to ensure that this learning is reflected through our school community. The children are also given many opportunities to refelct on their experiences and to understand how they are developing personally and socially. 
Pupils are given a voice not only in day-to-day interactions with their peers and teachers but also in the School Council where representatives from each class meet regularly with the Headmistress to raise ideas or issues and discuss the way forward. 
Developing each child's self esteem, leadership skills and ability to work cooperatively with others is central to our Sailing Programme, which is included as part of the curriculum from Junior 1 (Year 3). Children at the top of the school are also offered a residential visit where these skills are reinforced. 

Learning Support/Gifted & Talented 

All children learn at different speeds and often in different ways. Whenever necessary, they need to be able to access extra support or additional challenges. We believe in the stregnth of regular reinforcement of learning and it is through this that these needs are identified.  
Thanks to our small class sizes, our teachers from across the disciplines really know and understand the children in their care. This plays a significant role in flagging up individual issues.  
For those who need help to overcome any gaps in their understanding, we provide extra tuition to make sure they have a firm foundation to continue learning.  
We also have a register of Gifted & Talented children who are offered new challenges and targeted teaching. 
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