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Michaelmas Term: Wk begining 1.11.2021 
Dear Parents, 
Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had an enjoyable Half Term and some rest. The next Half Term will be packed full of exciting things as we enter the run up to Christmas - already - I know! 
We should be visiting the Church on Tuesday 2nd November, is anyone able to offer to help and walk with us please? We will leave school at 1.15pm and be out for an hour. Thank you. 
Show and tell: Something that the children have chosen, they must be able to talk about it, have a reason for choosing it. 
Key sounds this week: ee/or 
Key sounds so far: ch, th, sh, k, u, b, f, e, h, j, g, s, a. t, p, i and n 
Key words this week: 'are' and 'all' 
Key words so far: I, the, he, she, me, be,to, do, was and we 
SPELLING RULES: don't worry, these are for further into the year! 
oi in the middle of a word and oy at the end 
ai in the middle of a word and ay at the end 
ee is the long sound and ea is the short sound 
Please do email me if you have any questions. I am available in the morning and at the end of the day on request. 
Kind Regards 
Mrs Maher 
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