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Yellow Room 
Week commencing 20.01,20 
Dear Parents, 
Hearing Tests - you will have received an email about the hearing tests which are taking place in school. We were approached last term by Lucinda, the lady who will be carrying out the tests. She visits lots of schools doing this as many children will have not had their hearing tested since birth. The earlier any problems are detected, the sooner support can start for children. You do not have to have your child tested if you do not want to, it is optional. 
Thank you for all filling in your paper copy of 'All About Me'. This will be a great help for planning and talking about the children's interests. It also helps when they are chatting and we know to what/ whom they are referring,,,, 
The weeks are whizzing by already!  
Our topics in Yellow Room this term will start with Winter and how it affects us in various ways. We shall also be looking at Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and talking about love in PSED. Later on in the term we will be looking at Weather and then Spring. Hopefully the weather will be playing game and will be more conducive to nature walks to the Paddock.  
The letter of the week this week is 'h'. Please bring in anything you think might be relevant to either Winter or the letter of the week.  
Mrs Davis 
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