Classroom Blackboard  

Yellow Room 
Week commencing 18.11.19 
Dear Parents, 
Thank you for all filling in your paper copy of 'All About Me'. This will be a great help for planning and talking about the children's interests. It also helps when they are chatting and we know to what/ whom they are referring,,,, 
This week we are partaking in National Nursery Rhyme Week. We will look at a traditional rhyme each day with lots of activities based on it. We will also be learning them and singing them , lots!  
This week we are looking at the letter ' C'. If you have anything they would like to bring in that begins with a 'c' please do.  
A very important date for your diaries: Tuesday 10th December. Methodist church Hall. Nursery Nativity.  
You should have been told which part you child will be playing, if not, please ask, and we will also let you know which costume they will need you to supply.  
Mrs Davis 
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