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Summer Term - Week Beginning 24.6.19  
Dear Parents, 
Can children please bring in a 'uniform' sun hat to keep in their drawer for sunny days. It is helpful if they have suncream applied at home before coming to school, they can then have some in their drawer to put on at lunchtime if needed. The roll on cream is good as children do apply it themselves!! 
Please remember the children have Library on a Thursday, they need to bring their books back each week so that they can change them - thanks.  
CHARITY STALLS: The 4th July is when Reception join with J4 to host the stalls. Each child is asked to bring in a plate/box of biscuits or cakes to sell. 
Show and tell this week will be 'cars and travel' 
Key words/sounds this week: every, also, goes 
KEY WORDS SO FAR : I, the, he and she, me and we, be, was, are, all, you, your, come, some, here, there, they, said, go, no, so, my, by, one, only, down, old, little, live, give, should, could, when, why, what, like, have, who, any, many, other, were, because, where, saw, want, more, before, to and do.  
Sounds: ch, th, sh, oo/oo, er, ar, ng, nk, ou/ow, oi/oy, ie/igh, ai/ay, air, ff, ll, zz, ee, oa, ea and or. 
It would be nice if you could practise recognising these at home with the children.  
oi in the middle of a word and oy at the end 
ai in the middle of a word and ay at the end 
ee is the long sound and ea is the short sound 
The Wow board is now full, well done to children who have brought in things to show their achievements. I can take these things down and we can start again!  
Some of the children have also shown super confidence to stand up in a whole school assembly and show/talk about items which is lovely to see. They all make me so proud. 
Kind Regards 
Mrs Maher 
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