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The page contains the long and medium term plans. 
Long term plan 
English Curriculum 
Medium term plans 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW J1 Essay MT2019 
SOW J2 Essay MT2019 
SOW J3 Essay MT2019 
SOW J4 Essay MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 Essay LT2020 
SOW J2 Essay LT2020 
SOW J3 Essay LT2020 
SOW J4 Essay LT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 Essay ST2020 
SOW J2 Essay ST2020 
SOW J3 Essay ST2020 
SOW J4 Essay ST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW J1 Comprehension MT2019 
SOW J2 Comprehension MT2019 
SOW J3 Comprehension MT2019 
SOW J4 Comprehension MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 ComprehensionLT2020 
SOW J2 ComprehensionLT2020 
SOW J3 ComprehensionLT2020 
SOW J4 ComprehensionLT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 ComprehensionST2020 
SOW J2 ComprehensionST2020 
SOW J3 ComprehensionST2020 
SOW J4 ComprehensionST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW J1 Grammar MT2019 
SOW J2 Grammar MT2019 
SOW J3 Grammar MT2019 
SOW J4 Grammar MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 GrammarLT2020 
SOW J2 GrammarLT2020 
SOW J3 GrammarLT2020 
SOW J4 GrammarLT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 GrammarST2020 
SOW J2 GrammarST2020 
SOW J3 GrammarST2020 
SOW J4 GrammarST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW J1 Spelling MT2019 
SOW J2 Spelling MT2019 
SOW J3 Spelling MT2019 
SOW J4 Spelling MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 SpellingLT2020 
SOW J2 SpellingLT2020 
SOW J3 SpellingLT2020 
SOW J4 SpellingLT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 SpellingST2020 
SOW J2 SpellingST2020 
SOW J3 SpellingST2020 
SOW J4 SpellingST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW J1 Handwriting MT 2019 
SOW J2 Handwriting MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 HandwritingLT2020 
SOW J2 HandwritingLT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 HandwritingST2020 
SOW J2 HandwritingST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
Group Reading 
SOW J1 Group Reading MT2019 
SOW J2 Group Reading MT2019 
SOW J3 Group Reading MT2019 
SOW J4 Group Reading MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 Group Reading LT2020 
SOW J2 Group Reading LT2020 
SOW J3 Group Reading LT2020 
SOW J4 Group Reading LT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 Group Reading ST2020 
SOW J2 Group Reading ST2020 
SOW J3 Group Reading ST2020 
SOW J4 Group Reading ST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
Quiet Reading 
SOW J1 Quiet Reading MT2019 
SOW J2 Quiet Reading MT2019 
SOW J3 Quiet Reading MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J1 Quiet Reading LT2020 
SOW J2 Quiet Reading LT2020 
SOW J3 Quiet Reading LT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J1 Quiet Reading ST2019 
SOW J2 Quiet Reading ST2019 
Lent Term 
SOW J4 Project LT2020 
Summer Term 
SOW J4 Project ST2020 
Michaelmas Term 
SOW I2 English MT2019 
SOW I3 English MT2019 
Lent Term 
SOW I2 English LT2020 
SOW I3 English LT2020 
Lent Term 
SOW I2 English ST2020 
SOW I3 English ST2020 
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