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Executive Headteacher's Welcome

In About SPS

Welcome to Stratford Preparatory School. I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to our leading co-educational day school for pupils aged 2 - 11yrs located in the centre of Stratford-Upon-Avon. At Stratford Preparatory School we believe that every child in school should feel happy, safe and confident and have the opportunity to excel and be valued as an individual.

Through excellent teaching each child should make the most academic and personal progress they can in an environment that is as supportive and positive as it is challenging and enriching. Every child should develop the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful in the future.

Our central focus of happiness is not at the expense of academia. Stratford Preparatory is renowned for outstanding academic results and a high success rate in examinations at 11+ (including both independent school and grammar). We maintain high academic standards as our pupils follow a full curriculum that is built around pupils having every opportunity to excel academically.

At Stratford Preparatory, our School Mission:

To develop the lux (happiness and confidence) and scientia (skills and knowledge) of each pupil so they can be successful in their aspirations.

Our core values of Honesty, Hard Work and Kindness are central to our school ethos and these values are placed at the heart of day to day life in school.

Dedicas House (with hard work and dedication), Amicus House (with friendship and kindness) and Veritas House (with truth and honesty) provide pupils with the opportunity for friendly competition with a broad range of House events including Sports, Music, Art and inter House Quizzes (to name a few) whilst also reinforcing the values and attributes that we strive for at Stratford Preparatory School.

Pupils make exceptional academic progress throughout and Junior 4 pupils excel in examinations at 11+.

The core of the curriculum at Stratford Preparatory focuses on preparing the children for their 11+ examinations. Whilst this is crucial, the curriculum at Stratford Preparatory alsos prepares pupils for the next phase of their education more broadly as part of an enriching experience. Whilst we believe every child deserves to achieve their very best in their 11+ examinations and to have their choice of school for their Senior School years, we also believe they deserve much more than this. As such, we ensure that the Stratford Preparatory curriculum is an enriching experience for children with a breadth of opportunity that helps them to find their passion and gives them an outlet to express their creativity. 

I would be delighted to show you around Stratford Preparatory School, to introduce you to our school, pupils and teachers. I am tremendously proud of our pupils and it is they who best encapsulate the spirit of Stratford Preparatory; I’ve no doubt they’ll tell you all about it when you come and visit.

David Preston
Executive Headteacher


Pupils receive a challenging and enriching curriculum that equips them with the skills and knowledge to be successful in their future aspirations