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Why Stratford Prep?

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From our Nursery through to Prep 6 your child deserves to be given the opportunity to explore, find and develop their passions through opportunities. At Stratford Preparatory we believe that: 

  • Every child in school should feel happy, safe and confident
  • Every child should have the opportunity to excel and be valued as an individual
  • Every child should make the most academic and personal progress they can in an environment that is as supportive and positive as it is challenging and enriching
  • Every child should develop the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in the future.

At Stratford Preparatory School we have a curriculum and teaching pedagogy that provides pupils with an exceptional preparatory education that develops the confidence and resilience of pupils through our school values and culture as well as a wide range of opportunities.

If this sounds like the right school environment for your child, speak to our admissions team to come and visit for your own personal tour of the school.

The pupils demonstrate excellent levels of self-confidence and are ready and willing to take risks, knowing that this will enable them to progress to their next learning experience.

“Quality. Consistency. Culture.” 


Whether is it the academic outcomes of the children at Stratford Preparatory School or the wider curriculum, we strive for children to receive the most exceptional experience. Our drive for quality is not only in the classroom; we provide the highest quality service to the parents in our school community as well as to the staff who are central to the success of our school.  


It is not enough to have pockets of excellence. We strive for consistent quality throughout the school experience for pupils, parents and staff. Whether it’s your first call to enquire for a place for your child, the quality of the school lunch or the standard of extra-curricular offering, we have a shared drive for excellence in all areas.  


At the heart of our drive for quality and consistency is our unwavering commitment to the culture of Stratford Prep. Our whole school community is guided by our values of hard work, honesty and kindness and this allows us to collectively strive for the consistent quality that ensures Stratford Prep is the most exceptional school it can be.