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During your child’s time within our Prep School, our primary goal is to to develop the lux (happiness and confidence) and scientia (skills & knowledge) of each pupil so they can be successful in their aspirations. By doing this, students are equipped with the fundamental principles that will cultivate an enduring passion for learning. Our aim is to nurture their innate curiosity, motivating each of them to independently embark on a personal journey of knowledge expansion.

Our curriculum encompasses essential subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography Art and Design, Religious Education, Music, French, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), and Computing, aligning with the National Curriculum. We ensure pupils receive a challenging and enriching curriculum that equips them with the skills and knowledge to be successful in their future aspirations, with an embedded focus on 11+ preparations. We also recognise the varying levels of challenge required for individual students and tailor our lessons accordingly.

Students benefit from specialist educators in Music, PE, Drama, Computing, French and Art. While maintaining a Form Tutor for continuity and pastoral care, all subjects are taught by teachers with specialized training. This approach prepares them for their chosen destination Senior School.

Our pedagogical approach includes diversification through outdoor learning within our expansive paddock. Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, and other subjects often venture beyond traditional classrooms. Our unique position within the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon serves our Stratfordians with a wealth of enriching local learning opportunities right on our doorstep. From visits to the Royal Shakespeare Company through to trips to the historic library. Activities such as organized litter clean-ups and cultivating vegetable patches instil a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the natural world.

Being an Atom Learning School, we use innovative technology and learning approaches to help our students develop the key skills tested within 11+ examinations, including mental arithmetic, comprehension and verbal reasoning & non-verbal reasoning. Starting in Prep 3, students engage in additional specific skills lessons 3 times a day.

Prep is also offered every evening for children in the Prep School. This provides children the opportunity to complete homework within school, with attendance being optional. We recommend children attend Prep a minimum of two evenings per week. 

Pastoral Care

At our school, we deeply intertwine the values of pastoral care and education. Pastoral care extends beyond assemblies and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and is seamlessly woven into every facet of our approach during the Prep years.

With a strong focus on transitions, we are dedicated to emotionally guiding your child as they progress from the Pre-Prep and integrate into life within the Prep School. We understand that joining the Prep School is the start of your child’s 11+ preparation, and for some children this can be a challenging time. By balancing a pastorally centred curriculum with small class sizes and personable, understanding form tutors; your child’s pastoral preparation readies them for the emotional challenges that might crop up in the future during examinations or important academic or personal milestones.

Our focus extends to nurturing your child's confidence, resilience, and effective communication skills. This equips their young minds to adeptly tackle both minor challenges and more significant obstacles that life may present.

Above all, we recognize that a robust partnership with you, the parents, forms the cornerstone of delivering the utmost in your child's education. Rest assured, we are continuously available with assistance and resources, supporting you through this occasionally overwhelming yet profoundly wondrous phase in your child's life. Together, we ensure they become the best version of themselves.


Stratford Prep is located within the heart of the community and consequently, Prep children benefit from the wealth of sports facilities that there is on offer, children take PE in both our paddock and local sports centre, as well as making the most of the fabulous golf club, cricket grounds and tennis club. We also have a dedicated drama and dance studio on site. Our Prep children also enjoy weekly swimming lessons at the excellent swimming pool within Stratford, providing them with another invaluable life skill.

From Year 3 to Year 6, all children will participate in three sports lessons, engage in sports fixtures, and have a weekly games, PE or Swimming lessons. If desired, this foundation can be expanded upon with daily after-school sports clubs. Children enjoy specialized PE, Swim, and Games lessons led by dedicated sports instructors.

Our Head of Sport, ex-England women's national rugby union player Mrs Lois Thomas expertly leads our Sport and ExEn provisions.

Throughout each academic year, changing termly, your child will partake in a variety of team sports. Your children will delight in Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Football, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics. Each of these sports also offer a series of different fixtures to participate in. This comprehensive approach is complemented by our Physical Education curriculum, as well as the ExEn program, which offers a diverse range of experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Extend and Enrichment

The array of clubs and activities offered at Stratford Prep plays an integral role in the school's vibrant atmosphere, delighting students with its extensive and diverse options.

Students are presented with an exceptional array of possibilities, inviting them to explore fresh passions, delve into novel interests, and elevate their existing pursuits.

Nurturing imagination and inner calm, the club selection encompasses endeavours like cookery, art, drama, yoga and guided relaxation.

Aspiring performers can explore numerous avenues for self-expression within the realm of the performing arts. Drama takes a prominent position with stage rehearsals and film creation. Musical harmony resonates throughout the school all week, but Music club offers a deeper dive into the world of music, from classical and choral all the way through to rock.

Enthusiasts of the technical realm are constantly challenged and inspired by clubs like STEM, coding, computing studies, and design technology.

For those who relish outdoor pursuits, Forest Explorers or our gardening club promises a timeless and enduring connection to adventurous experiences, cultivating lifelong affection for exploration and love for the outdoors.

The spectrum of clubs and activities also encompasses an extensive range of sports that extend beyond the school's core athletic offerings. Examples of the exciting new horizons include among many others fencing, climbing, surfing, sailing and equestrian pursuits.