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Welcome To Pre-Prep

In Pre-Prep

At Stratford Prep, we wholeheartedly embrace a boundless curiosity and a deep passion for learning within our Pre-Prep children as they embark on their educational journey. This commitment is as strong for our youngest Pre-Preppers as it is for our older Stratfordians.


Our approach nurtures the joy of discovery through playful exploration, allowing children to engage with their surroundings using their hands, and then fostering a heartfelt connection to their findings. Ultimately, this blossoms into the cultivation of imaginative and analytical thinking.

This distinctive 'hands, heart, head' educational philosophy empowers children to independently explore and forge meaningful connections in their learning. This approach seamlessly adapts as your child progresses through different Pre-Prep years. In the Reception year, vibrant play-based activities take the lead, gradually transitioning into Prep 1 and 2, where a balanced blend of teacher-guided learning emerges, capitalizing on the children's growing focus and attention span – always ensuring that enjoyment and interactive learning remain integral.

Every class is led by a dedicated form teacher who imparts the foundational curriculum, encompassing Mathematics, English, Science, Geography and History. Children further benefit from specialist led lessons for Music, Art & Design, Drama, PE and French right from the very start of your child’s journey in Nursery. Mirroring our Prep School, Pre-Preppers benefit from skills sessions each day. Within the Pre-Prep, these focus on Phonics, Number Sense and Times Tables Fluency.

Our advantage of being situated within the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon means that learning extends beyond the confines of four walls. Pre-Preppers find enrichment in outdoor education, where writing may unfold amidst nature's beauty – be it drafting treasure maps for the RSC gardens or reading might take place in Stratford’s historic library. Furthermore, the enchanting paddock becomes the backdrop for Forest School, where the children revel in the marvels of trees and the natural world for an afternoon each week.

Our Pre-Prep has recently undergone an extensive transformation, resulting in a truly remarkable environment. Our classrooms now exude a sense of spaciousness, creativity, dynamism, and warmth. We've taken a step towards sustainability by introducing eco-friendly furnishings, resources, and lighting. Throughout the space, you'll find a harmonious blend of neutral and natural colour palettes that create an inviting atmosphere.

One of the standout features of our Pre-Prep is the remarkable Continuous Provision room, known as the Discovery Centre. Occupying the largest area within the building, this room finds its home in 'The Old Gym'. The Discovery Centre is a generously sized, light and airy environment. Here, an array of diverse activities await, all thoughtfully designed for children to discover and explore. The concept of Continuous Provision aligns perfectly with our immersive 'hands, heart, head' learning approach, emphasizing hands-on, experiential education.

Each day, all Pre-Prep students have the privilege of accessing the Discovery Centre. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) pupils, in particular, benefit from an abundance of child-led, independent learning opportunities within this enriching environment. Moving into Prep 1 and Prep 2, children are provided ‘Discover and Explore’ time within the curriculum to access and make use of this exciting learning environment.

Pastoral Care

At our school, we deeply intertwine the values of pastoral care and education. Pastoral care extends beyond assemblies and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and is seamlessly woven into every facet of our approach during these formative Pre-Prep years.

From the very foundations of learning to share in Reception, to fostering respect for others and skilfully navigating the intricate path of friendships up to Year 2, we are dedicated to emotionally guiding your child along these crucial developmental milestones. This preparation readies them for the broader horizons of Prep, all while expanding their intellectual capacities along this remarkable journey.

Our focus extends to nurturing your child's confidence, resilience, and effective communication skills. This equips their young minds to adeptly tackle both minor challenges and more significant obstacles that life may present.

Above all, we recognize that a robust partnership with you, the parents, forms the cornerstone of delivering the utmost in your child's education. Rest assured, we are continuously available with assistance and resources, supporting you through this occasionally overwhelming yet profoundly wondrous phase in your child's life. Together, we ensure they become the best version of themselves.


Alongside the many varied learning opportunities that we offer Pre-Prep children in core subjects, we are happy to be able to provide a team of specialist teachers so your child can learn the wider curriculum subjects of PE, Games, Swimming, Drama and Music.

Stratford Prep is located within the heart of the community and consequently, Pre-Prep children benefit from the wealth of sports facilities that there is on offer, children take PE in both our paddock and local sports centre, as well as making the most of the fabulous golf club, cricket grounds and tennis club. We also have a dedicated drama and dance studio on site. Our Pre-Prep children also enjoy weekly swimming lessons at the excellent swimming pool within Stratford, providing them with another invaluable life skill.

Extend & Enrichment

The array of clubs and activities offered at Stratford Pre-Prep plays an integral role in the school's vibrant atmosphere, delighting students with its extensive and diverse options. Pre-Preppers can participate in many of the clubs which are on offer to the Prep children.

Students are presented with an exceptional array of possibilities, inviting them to explore fresh passions, delve into novel interests, and elevate their existing pursuits.

Nurturing imagination and inner calm, the club selection encompasses endeavours like cookery, art, drama, yoga and guided relaxation.

Aspiring performers can explore numerous avenues for self-expression within the realm of the performing arts. Drama takes a prominent position with stage rehearsals and film creation. Musical harmony resonates throughout the school all week, but Music club offers a deeper dive into the world of music, from classical and choral all the way through to rock.

Enthusiasts of the technical realm are constantly challenged and inspired by clubs like STEM, coding, computing studies, and design technology.

For those who relish outdoor pursuits, Forest Explorers or our gardening club promises a timeless and enduring connection to adventurous experiences, cultivating lifelong affection for exploration and love for the outdoors.

The spectrum of clubs and activities also encompasses an extensive range of sports that extend beyond the school's core athletic offerings. Examples of the exciting new horizons include among many others fencing, surfing and equestrian pursuits.