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Nursery Overview

In Nursery

At Stratford Preparatory, our aim is to facilitate each pupil's learning so that it becomes an exciting process of discovery and generates that vital spark of curiosity and imagination. 

Our recently renovated Nursery is designed to be a home away from home where children can explore, immerse themselves in learning and explore their interests. In our large, light classrooms the space has been designed to ensure the childrens safety and nurture their interests as they grow.

Our Nursery staff and setting motivates children to learn, to solve problems and to play along side and with their peers. Children develop the life skills that set a solid basis from which to embrace the rest of their education and beyond.

Children join us into our Nursery shortly after their second birthday and can stay on with us through into Reception to continue through the Pre-Prep years and into the Prep School.

We are registered with Warwickshire County Council to provide Early Years Entitlement for the Free Entitlement for eligible 2, 3 & 4 year olds. The Free Entitlement funding is over 38 weeks a year, 15 hours per week. We also offer the 30 hour option should parents be eligible. The Government funding is for the provision of early years education only and does not cover the cost of consumable items such as drinks, meals, hygiene supplies, children’s resources, specialist lessons or activities that form part of our wider curriculum and therefore these costs are charged separately.

There is a minimum session requirement of 2 full days or 4 half-days.

Further information on our nursery fees