Termly Fees  

September 2021 - July 2022 
Reception - incl. 30 hrs funding per week Michaelmas Term £1956.00, Lent and Summer Terms £2,073.00 
Reception - incl. 15 hrs funding per week Micahealmas Term £2,658.00, Lent and Summer Terms £2,716.50 
Reception - Non funded £3560.00 
Infant 2 & 3 - £3680.00 
Junior 1 & 2 - £3920.00 
Junior 3 & 4 - £3990.00 
Fee Discount  
We offer a discount of 5 % for a second child and 10% for a third child and subsequent children. 
Our Nursery offers Early |Years Free Entitlement: 
* 15 hours per week Early Years free Entitlement for eligible 2 year olds – eligibility criteria applies. Applications must be made online – www.warwickshire.gov.uk/childcarecosts or WCC Early Years Funding Team – 01926 742218 / 742233. 
* 15 hours per week Early Years Free Entitlement - three and four year olds automatically receive this funding entitlement from the term after their 3rd birthday. A parental declaration form, available at the school office, must be completed on a termly basis to access the funded hours. 
* 30 hours per week Early Years Funding – eligibility criteria applies - eligibility has to be established with HMRC (issue of a validation code) which must be passed to school for validation prior to a place being confirmed and to make the claims. Parents must apply themselves for this code via the Childcare Choices website – www.childcarechoices.gov.uk. We are able to offer a funded only place, please contact the school office for further details. 
Nursery 3 & 4 year olds. 
3&4 year olds non funded - full day £ 50.00* 
3&4 year olds non funded am or pm £26.00 
3&4 year olds non funded - am or pm with lunch £29.00 
3&4 year olds incl. 3 funded hours per day - full day £ 38.00* 
3&4 year olds 3 funded hours per day - am or pm incl lunch £23.00 
3&4 year olds 6 funded hours per day – full day £ 27.00* 
Nursery 2 year olds. 
2 Year olds - non funded - full day £ 50.00* 
2 Year olds - non funded - am or pm £ 26.00 
2 year olds - non funded - am or pm with lunch £29.00 
2 Year olds with 3 funded hours - full day £ 38.00* 
2 year olds with 3 funded hours per day-am or pm incl lunch £23.00 
2 year olds with 6 funded hours per day - full day £27.00* 
All ages in nursery 
One off sessions full day £56.00 
One off session am or pm £ 29.00 
One off sessions am or pm with lunch £32.00 
For more information about Nursery Education Funding please contact the school office: secretary@stratfordprep.co.uk 
*In our nursery full day fees include Lunch, mid morning drink and snack and afternoon drink and snack unless otherwise stated. 
Am sessions include mid morning drink/ afternoon drink and snack. Please contact the school for our policy if you are unable to pay. 
Invoices will be issued at the start of each school term, there are three per year. Nursery terms are split 34 weeks a year divided by 3 term one is 12 weeks, term two is 11 weeks and Term three is 11 weeks. 
Funding is available for 38 weeks a year. School is open 34 weeks a year so the remaining 4 weeks can be used elsewhere. 
Where parents are unable to pay for additional lunch charges there is one ‘Funded only’ place of 5 afternoons available. This is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. 
Nursery Sessions 
Am without lunch 8.45 – 12.00 noon (collection time must be strictly adhered to) 
Am with lunch 8.45 – 12.45 (3 & 4 years only) 
Full Day 8.45 – 3.30pm 
2– 3 year old children are required to attend a minimum of two morning sessions, rising to three or more when settled. 
3 – 4 year old children are required to attend a minimum of 5 sessions raising to a minimum of 8 sessions by the lent term. 
Additional services and charges 
Breakfast Club, Prep and Aftercare 
Breakfast club from 8am to 8.30am  
Junior Prep from 3.40pm – 4.30pm ( then to after care) 
After Care from 3.30pm - 6pm  
All sessions are charged at £4.20 per hour, charged per half of an hour – charged in arrears. 
Light breakfast £1 
Aftercare snack £0.50 
Late collection charge (after 6pm) £5 per quarter of an hour – charged in arrears. 
Additional Tutition 
Individual assistance £10.00 per hour – charged in arrears. 
SENCO tuition charged directly by SENCO teacher. 
Clubs delivered by our on staff are free. Clubs delivered by external experts are charged directly and charges vary as per tutor. 
Personal Accident Insurance (obligatory) £3.90 per term 
Easy payment terms £12 administration fee per term. 
Childcare vouchers £12 administration fee per term 
Trips – charged according to cost – charged in arrears 
Sailing - £57.00 per day – once a term. As this is prepaid by the school, payment will be due even if your child does not attend. – charged in arrears. 
Sailing log book. £10 
Lunch charge for Main School £170 per term 
Holiday Care 
Daily fee - £20 - Packed lunch to be brought in from home. 
Payment of fees 
Fees are due on the first day of term. 
Easy payment terms can be arranged through the school office (3 payments per term) An admin fee of £12 will be charged. 
Late payment will, without exception, incur interest charges at 6 % per annum 
Registration Fee 
A registration fee of £60 will be charged 
Main School Deposit 
A deposit of £250 is required when registering your child. This will be retained until your child leaves the school . It will be refunded with the final invoice issued after their last day at school . This deposit cannot be deducted from the balance of your account. For nursery children receiving funding the deposit will be deducted from the first months invoice. 
Additional invoices will be issued for any changes to sessions attended. 
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